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somehow I always end up migrating back here. I need it, I think. it gets my mind straight. keeps my goals in perspective. even though I can never settle on just one thing to do with my life. why is that? I'm tired of wanting to do everything and only being offered a few things. I want it all, baby! lol.

anyway, I'll update more later, I have tons of things knocking around in the noggin but not enough time right now to enter it all in this tiny box. got studying to do.


What Animal Are You? Survey....woof, baby, woof

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Genera and species: Amblonyx cinerea
Collective Term: A prank of otters

Otters are petite, engaging creatures overflowing with positive energy. Intelligent and bright, they are also popular and eminently lovable and displaying the highly developed social skills that typify the small carnivores. So, otters mix easily with a wide range of animal personalities.

Lazy? Let's just say easily distracted. For life has so many diversions for the otter, that whether it's playing a computer game, reading a book, or doing a crossword puzzle, it's impossible to predict how it will fill it's day. But when an otter gets focused on a problem, it's keen intelligence rises to the challenge and it will not give up until the nut is cracked. Otters feel entitled to the good things in life and a general sense of well being gives them the confidence to not have to save for the future. A lover who wants to impress an otter should know that otters love to eat out and have a predictable penchant for sushi.

Although intelligent and witty, otters have a tendency to suffer from self-doubt, and fear of failure can prevent them from living up to their true potential. Still, they are a great problem solvers, with the ability to spend endless hours on abstract or practical challenges. As workers, they are dedicated and capable and always eager for a chance to prove themselves. Their determination makes them valuable employees and although they often feel that their contributions are undervalued, they would rather accept lower pay than risk confrontations in their workplace. Although they are fine motivators, they avoid taking leadership roles, performing better in group situations with their social skills coming in handy when counseling coworkers through their problems. Their dexterous hands are useful in a wide range of careers, and they're ideally suited for work in engineering, advertising, and design.

As lovers, otters are tenacious and have remarkably vital libidos. Unafraid of expressing their needs, they have little tolerance for selfish people and are attracted those creative enough to fulfill their sexual appetites. Among the aquatic animals, the lusty dolphin provides endless fun while the terrestrial fox proves to be a challenging and sexy companion. In a relationship, the otter will willingly stray into dangerous waters, betting that its instincts will see it though. But, for the most part it prefers the familiar shallows of a predictable association with the semi-aquatic beaver or sea lion.

There is no question that the otter is going to have children. Lots of them. And this otherwise carefree individual will surprise you with its strict and disciplined approach to child raising.

Otters are certainly not shy. Their highly advanced communication skills explain why friends flock to it for advice and why ex-lovers find it so hard to let it go. But sometimes it seems that relating to an otter is a one-way street; for otters hate criticism. It's not that they don't believe there's room for improvement -- it's just that they tend to confuse criticism with rejection. Friends must step lightly lest they wound the otter's self-image, for this is the surest way to dissuade the otter from further communication.

Careers and Hobbies
Engineering Pro Sport
Medical Design
Computers Mathematics

Surfing the Web Swimming
Cuddling Reading

Famous Otters
Leonardo DiCaprio, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, Goldi Hawn.

they say I'm between the first one and this one

Wild Dog
Genera and species: Canis canidae
Collective Term: A tribe of wild dogs

Most people who meet a wild dog are struck by its energetic, demonstrative and restless behavior. This mid-sized individual differs from its domestic dog and wolf cousins in a number of notable ways: it is physically more powerful than the domestic dog, and its social structure differs dramatically from that of the lone wolf. It is difficult to describe the wild dog's personality without explaining it in terms of its pack of friends, for wild dogs don't see themselves as rugged individualists but rather as members of a social team that demands constant bonding and cooperation.

Thinking of bringing that new invention of yours to the market? Put a wild dog in charge. For no one can take an idea and run with it, better than this hardy individual. Its powers of endurance and canine enthusiasm make for such a powerful combination, that wild dogs are consistently amongst the highest wage earners. So why don't they simply run their own businesses and reap the rewards? Well for one thing, they don't possess the leadership and entrepreneurial talents of their canine cousins. Instead, by concentrating on relationship building and teamwork, wild dogs achieve the kind of job satisfaction that no salary can replace.

Wild dogs are highly principled individuals although they take a while before placing their trust in others. Employers should give them a lot of freedom since they do not perform well in structured environments. When it comes to stamina, they are without equal and are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. Versatile in their skills, their sharp minds can adapt to almost any environment,

A wild dog will not overwhelm you with its beauty, nor can it match the suave Tom Cruise style of the wolf. Instead, its mating strategy is summarized in two words: persistence and endurance. By wearing down its quarry with an endless offering of flowers, cards, and romantic dinners, the prey eventually succumbs to sheer exhaustion. The wild dog is clearly a dog at heart and is willing to romp with the best of them but manages to maintain its dignity under the most demanding bedroom conditions.

OR -- can also be...

Genera and Species: Taxidea taxus
Collective Term: A cete of badgers

Badgers are closely related to weasel personalities and share the same range as their cousins the skunks. What distinguishes them from their relatives is their extraordinary physical and emotional strength and tenacious approach to life's challenges. Good looking, small to medium sized individuals, they walk and talk as if they own the world and their powerfully built bodies and dominating personalities back down for no one, not even the much larger personality of the lion. They will confidently enter the territory of others -- woe betide anyone who blocks their path.

Like most carnivores, badgers stay in shape with regular physical activity and are well dressed and precisely groomed. They enjoy all sports and their competitive natures drive them to the edges of their abilities. Because of their small size, they sometimes feel the need to assert themselves to gain the respect accorded the larger carnivores. Perhaps this is why badgers do not appreciate unsolicited advice and can be quite rude to anyone trying to help, and often alienate well-meaning acquaintances. Still, friends are drawn to their capable and protective qualities and rely on them to hold the group together.

As a hot-blooded mammal, the badger thrives on the excitement of new relationships and sexual conquests. But this incorrigible flirt and voracious lover is untraditional when it comes to matters of romance -- no roses and chocolates for this feisty character. To celebrate an anniversary, it's more likely to be found climbing a mountain than spending a quiet night at home. When a badger finally does settle down, it usually mates for life and proves to be a passionate and committed partner. Loyalty is important to the badger and it is quick to demand reciprocation; nothing is more unpleasant than dealing with a badger who feels cheated or disrespected. However, partners who manage to accept their intense nature, will experience an exquisite and unrelenting love affair.

Communicating with a badger is often a one-way affair. Its love for debate takes precedence over its desire to really hear what its partner is saying and it tends to dominate discussions with its dogmatic speaking style. Because it will not abide criticism of its behavior, it can prove to be quite insensitive to its mate's emotional needs.

Careers and Hobbies
Engineer Soldier
Reporter Police

Basketball Gambling
Golfing Hunting
Fishing Debating

Famous Walruses
Matt Dillon, Joe Pesci, Napoleon Bonaparte, Robert DeNiro, Oliver North


Financial Aid!

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So I got my financial aid approved and set. I'm really excited about it. I'm a little down at the same time because I wanted to take Greek or Latin as a language and it's not offered at my school right now. I could've sworn I saw it but I guess not :( I'll check again later, perhaps.

Today I get to speak with Doctor Uthman, a general community pathologist here in Houston. I'm pretty excited about this because I find him very interesting from his homepage. He seems well educated and respected in the community. Hopefully, if this goes well I will have found myself a great mentor. If nothing else, it'll be a great experience for me.

For the Fall semester, I took 5 classes which people are warning me may be too much at first, but I'm the type of person that needs the pressure and momentum to hold my interest so I'm hoping I can prove strong.

Mon and Wednesday are my busiest days. I'll be going to school from 8am. until 5pm. And then Tuesday and Thursday will be my earlier days. So far I have Friday/Sat/Sun off but like I said, if I can find the language class I want, I may add that if time allows.

Today is my Friday for this week. I have one more week left of my Intro to Health, class and I'm a little sad about that. I will actually miss Ms. Freeman and the class itself. I have an oral report and my portfolio is due on Wednesday then my Final on Thursday..wish me luck >.<


Registered For Fall!

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So I registered for Fall Classes in anticipation of my student aid. I have a pretty full schedule but I think I spaced it out okay. I found that for the summer classes, I took only two classes (5 semester hours) and I was so bored :( I wanted more input..learn more..etc, etc.

However, I took heed on other students that have said that if I take too much I might be overwhelmed. I decided that I would see how it goes and if I need to, I'll drop a class.

Right now, Monday and Wednesday will be my hardest days. Mon/Wed will be Math/Biology and English and Tuesday is my history class. I actually decided to add a dance class for my elective ...hold onto your sanity...I decided to pick ballet back up. :D

So I'm really excited and I will let you know how it all goes.


The Strategizer!

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Okay so I know it's been awhile, yet again, since I've blogged but it's not because I didn't want to. I'm actually collecting a list of things I'd like to mention in my blog because I started taking the bus to school and trust me, it's been VERY interesting.

I'm working on a portfolio at the moment that includes steps to being successful in my career choice and it's actually a really fun project that I'm enjoying to it's fullest.

One of the assignments for doing it is to get an interview with someone in your field (mine is Forensic Pathology). So I did some research, which btw, the salary in my field for entry level is somewhere in the vicinity of 120k a year. WOOT! But most of the info was coming off of one website that I found to be really informative. It even had some pictures in it! I did some further digging and found that the doctor whose website it was is IN Houston! Not only that, he's worked in Chicago, IL which is my hometown!!

So now, not only is this guy just cool, he's uber cool because he's touched the soil of Chi-town ;) and has reached celebrity status in my eyes.

I wrote him and asked for the interview and told him I'm looking for mentors in my field and he emailed me back the next day and said yes :D...I'm in hog heaven (as they say in Tx).

But I digress and I shall tell you of my bus-capades.

The first one was probably the most interactive and odd. I've told one or two of you about him. He rode the bus with me most of the route (about an hour) and just before my stop, he looks across at me and says, "You have really beautiful feet". WHAT?!

I said, "I have beautiful feet!?" he winks and nods like this is the best compliment I've gotten all day. "Okay" I said. As I turn away, he says "and beautiful hair" I say.."okay" again and he says, "I'll shut up now"...I respond with "Okay!" again. lol.

The most interesting lady I've seen is the "Bird Lady" as I refer to her. She looks like a bird. Her hair looks like a bird's nest and she smells like bird poop =/ but ...she carries this little messenger bag, like the newspaper carriers have..and I swear to GOD she had a pigeon in it!! It friggin coo'ed at me! On top of that..I think she has tourettes rofl....

okay I have to take my friend Mel to the doctor today so I'll blog more later. Ta-ta for now.


School Days

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I started school on Monday and it's going pretty well. Last night, however, I had the worst night I've had in a very long time.

I took a sleeping pill because I have had insomnia for the longest time and I'm trying to get on some kind of good sleep schedule. Normally, I take Ambient which works like a charm but I was out, so I took one of my son's (which he no longer takes). Can I just say, that now I know why he doesn't take it anymore??

Through the entire night I had panic attacks and nightmares and through it all I was lucid..so I knew I was dreaming but I was so groggy and under that I would fade in and out. So I will never take it again. I still haven't slept, but I got tired of lying there tossing and turning. I decided to get some breakfast (toast with peanut butter) and a cup of herbal tea to try and soothe me some.

Ugh...anyway, things are great. Been very busy and wanted to update this thing!

Ciao for now..


"a copy of a copy.."

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I love the book/movie FIGHT CLUB because of the whole insomnia viewpoint. I mean..he hits the nail right on the head. Sometimes there's a detachment from your own body. It moves when you aren't moving. It talks when you're sleeping. And everything is a copy of a copy of a copy. No amount of caffeine can keep you awake, no amount of pills can make you sleep.

Unfortunately -- yes unfortunately -- I haven't developed another personality. I mean...I'd really like to see what my alter ego would look like, act like, etc. I think it'd be a little scary. Actually....I think it'd be a lot scary.

Emotionally, however, I've been well. Still calm and happy. Rolling into that healthy stage where I can wear my clothes that I love so much and even a hint of girly-ness in it. It's easier to play the part of a Diva when you're sparkling and tinkling, I suppose.

I've kept to my workouts faithfully. One hour a night. Eating has been "okay" I'm going to switch back to the more healthy foods. For a week or so I was just eating normal foods that the family eats but adjusting my portions and that wasn't working out too well..I'm just maintaining a steady weight instead of going down. This does not make for a very happy Halo. >.<

Anyway, that is all for now..I tend to ramble when I have no real point.